Racing Window® out of the multiple standard options allows you a series of gradual personalization options that can reach completely exclusive and customized designs for your project.

Define the position of our standard hatches within the space of your window model to adapt to your height and shape of use. The cost of this customization option is 10 euros for a complete window kit with the same position for driver and co-driver or 15 euros for two different positions. For an order of a single window the cost is also 10 euros.

Racing Window® has different models of trapdoors with special formats for less usual applications, such as large-scale models for all-terrain. If our standard models do not fit your needs, consult the models available outside the catalog, or if you need a completely customized trapdoor model, show us your needs and we will propose the best solutions at the most adjusted price.

Personalization options are not available for automatic order through the web, it is necessary to contact us directly.