Racing Window® is the registered trademark for the range of products for racing vehicles, manufactured by Carpintería Inglés S.L.

Carpintería Inglés S.L. is a young company specialized in the machining of highly technological materials, using the latest numerical control machining systems, which always guarantee high precision finishes.

The automated manufacturing by numerical control in addition to reducing production times and consequently the final cost of all our products, allows us to offer a service of customization of multiple options out of really agile catalog and at the lowest prices.

¡WARNING! All our window sheets are flat (no curvature) and need to be adapted to the body.

Racing Window® does not have a closed catalog, but it is capable of manufacturing windows and interior panels of any vehicle with small extensions of delivery times, thanks to our systems for generating models by photogrammetry or 3D scanning. Our standard catalog is always increasing.