Currently Racing Window® accepts payments through PayPal, bank transfer, Bizum, bank card or by personal check. This website is secure, it uses HTTPS which is a communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of our users' data between their computers and our website.

In the last step of the purchase process, it will be necessary to choose between our five payment methods, receiving at that moment all the necessary information to be able to do it easily. In the case of selecting the payment through PayPal, Bizum or bank card, you will be redirected to the external secure payment platforms of Paypal and Santander bank for the Bizum and bank card options, these being in charge of managing the payment data .

If you select bank transfer, once the order is confirmed you will receive our order confirmation by email with the bank details and the order number. With this information proceed to order the transfer, indicating as a concept the order number received and send us the receipt.

And if your option is to pay by personal check, you will be asked to send your check to our address, with the final amount to be paid and indicating Carpintería Inglés S.L. as beneficiary.